Sunday, December 13, 2009

How To Download PSP GO Games - Get Unlimited Access to Over 150000 PSP Go Games

If you have found this article then most likely you are trying to find out how to download psp go games? There are many websites that claim to provide free psp go game downloads but you really don't know if there are legit and offer the stuff they say on their sites. Halve of them are torrent sites that contain malware and harmful viruses so there is a real risk of infecting your computer. This aim of this review is to show you how to find quality psp go downloads for games. music, themes and other third software to compliment and mod your PSP Go. For a small fee you can get access to thousand of games anytime you want.

After you have that sorted just follow these simple steps:

1. Select a membership website like PSP Go Download Center and choose a game to download onto your PC.

2. Check that the game file with be compatible with your PSP Go firmware and that its a psp file type. This is very important because it will be wasting your bandwidth and time if the download is the wrong file type.

3. Get a SD Card memory stick and insert into your PSP Go

4. Attach a USB cable to your PC from the PSP Go player to transfer games.

5. Transfer the games from your PC hard drive onto your sd card inserted within the PSP GO , make sure its in the right folder as well. If you put them on the right folders it will not work.

That's it you are now ready to play downloaded sony psp go games.

I know what you are thinking, there are hundreds of "free" sites that offer to download psp go games on the fly but what people are not aware of it the dangers these free sites present to your personal computer. Files and games from these sites are mostly fakes and contain thousands of viruses and spyware that can invade and ruin your entire PC. Believe me you don't want to go down this path as the potential to sabotage your computer is very high. Instead join a membership site that provides 24/7 support and high speed psp go downloads like games, movies, music, and tons more.

You maybe thinking right now that you might have to pay a monthly recurring fee but that's far from the truth, all you do is pay a one time fee and get access to over 150k of PSP GO games. movies, software, and much more. There are no download limits and you can login and get free unlimited access to thousands of games and other software anytime, anywhere you may be.

To get started downloading games for psp go - download psp go games.

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